What Happens in Consultation and Hearing Aid Prescription for Children

Before you get hearing aid prescription for children the child will undergo a series of tests to determine which one works best. Several questions will be asked relating to lifestyle and health, and a complete hearing assessment will be performed as well. After the test, the audiologist will explain the results and demonstrate how the device is used.


A Look at the Actual Consultation Process

The consultation process will depend on the age of the child, but for older children it is very much like that for adults. The audiologist will ask questions about lifestyle, the child’s health history and when the hearing problems began. Questions about the degree of hearing loss and if the problem occurred suddenly or over a specific period of time will be asked.


Next the child will be subjected to a hearing test and required to wear specially designed earphones. These earphones are attached to a special device that, after pressing a button, will play sounds or frequencies. The results of the test will determine what kind of hearing device will be given the child, and regardless of the result the audiologist will explain the results to you.


Fitting the Hearing Device

After the hearing aid prescription for childrenis done, the device will be fitted onto the child’s ear. Once the device is fit, you or the child will be given instructions on how to make adjustments. If everything is set, your child’s next visit to the audiologist should be after six months or one year. Even if there’s nothing wrong with the hearing, regular visits are necessary to ensure that the ear mold still fits.


The last point is especially important particularly if your child is growing up fast. Since the mold fits the child’s ear exactly, the mold needs to be reshaped or replaced after a few years.


The Need for Prescription

It’s hard to emphasize the need for a prescription for hearing devices, because it comes with a hearing test. Sometimes hearing problems are due to nothing more than ear wax blockages or an ear infection, and a hearing device might not be necessary. But if the tests indicate that hearing devices are required, they’ll provide the best solution for your child based on the results of tests.


Another benefit of a prescription is you’ll be able to see how the device works since it will be fitted right in the office. Right there and then your child will be able to tell you if the device works, or if adjustments have to be made. Finally, bear in mind that not all hearing aidprescription for childrenare equal, so make sure you go to a reliable and dependable hearing specialist.




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