Five Reasons to Have Your Child Undergo Hearing Assessment

Many people believe that older adults need to undergo regular hearing assessment. But kids, too, have to undergo hearing tests periodically. Numerous studies have shown that nearly half of teenagers are showing potential signs of hearing loss. If that’s not alarming enough for you, here are five other reasons why you should bring your child to a specialist for a hearing assessment:


  1. Nearly half of teens report hearing problems after doing activities known to be damaging to hearing

One survey involving 500 teens in the United States showed that youngsters experience ringing and roaring sound in their ears after taking part in activities like listening to loud music. Others complained of pain in the ears. All these are possible warning signs of hearing loss.


  1. Children aren’t known to wear any type of hearing protection

The same survey showed that although teens are well aware of the risks of listening to loud music, nearly nine out of 10 say they choose not to protect their ears. So instead of lowering the volume of their iPods or wearing protection in loud venues , they proceed to listen to loud music and think of hearing loss as a problem they will deal with later on.


  1. Hearing is essential for a good education

Children and teenagers who are suffering from hearing loss or impairment are missing a lot especially in the classroom setting. Poor hearing can result to them missing out on important instructions or misunderstanding directions. This, in turn, results in poor comprehension and low grades. It can also affect their self confidence.


  1. Hearing loss can cause isolation and depression

The National Center for Biotechnology Information says that hearing loss is associated with increased likelihood of a child developing depression. Many kids and teenagers who have hearing loss find themselves being ignored and teased by their peers who have normal hearing. These kids will then go through phases of loneliness and isolation, which can cause them to develop depression.


  1. It is not too late to avoid permanent hearing loss

Most of the time, hearing damage is progressive.  For kids and teenagers, it is certainly not too difficult or impossible to avoid hearing loss. They can begin by using lowering down the volume on their mp3 players or using hearing protection at concerts. And by getting a hearing test and realizing the risks of hearing loss, they can take steps to mitigate their hearing problems.


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