The Importance of Getting a Hearing Aids Prescription

The Importance of Getting a Hearing Aids Prescription


Have you recently found out you have a hearing problem and are currently looking for hearing aids to improve your quality of life?


Or perhaps you already have a hearing aid but aren’t completely happy with it?


If your hearing aid works only half the time and is not able to pick up all the sounds in your environment, then you are probably not using the right device. Not getting a hearing aids prescription may be to blame here.


You see, using a particular hearing aid just because it worked for your friend doesn’t mean it will be suitable for you. Think about it. Can you simply borrow someone else’s eyeglasses to help you see clearly?


Of course not. In the same way that eyeglasses are very specific to an individual’s needs, so are hearing aids. This is why you need to see a hearing care professional or an audiologist to find out what kind of hearing aid will work for you.


In fact, many experts say that using any hearing aid that’s available could pose problems for the user. If the device does not fit perfectly it could damage your hearing even more. If you’re wearing it unaware that it does not pick up all the sounds around you, you could get into accidents.


Before you will be given a hearing aids prescription, you will be required to undergo a hearing test. From this test, the severity of your hearing loss will be determined. The hearing care professional will also be able to determine how much of the hearing clarity has been affected and what type of hearing aid will be suitable for the person.


Once the results of the test are given, your audiologist will then create a hearing aid prescription so you will end up with a device that will actually work for you. The audiologist will then fit several hearing aids that meet the assessment results. They will test the amplification and how well you can communicate with other people using these aids. Once they have identified the right product, you can then go ahead and buy it.


In some cases, you can get a hearing aid prescription from a licensed audiologist and then buy the device online. You just need to furnish the website with your prescription and your device will then be shipped to you after payment has been made.


Of course there’s no stopping you from getting non-prescription hearing aids. But then again, you will only be wasting money on a device that won’t give you the best outcome and it could even put you in danger. It’s always better to get an assessment from a professional to ensure that the hearing aid you buy will really improve your hearing.



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