Essential Hearing Aids Gear for Kids at School

Essential Hearing Aids Gear for Kids at School


Kids need a lot when they are going to school. These days, kids need more than just a backpack with paper, pencils, and their packed lunch. This becomes even more significant for kids with a hearing aids prescription.


Kids going to school wearing hearing aids have to deal with bullies who keep making fun of them, the discomfort of wearing the hearing aids for seven to eight hours in school, and they need to deal with the difficulty of having a different hearing environment compared to kids with normal hearing conditions.


However, there are a few essential accessories and gears that can make the experience easier to cope with, such as the following:


Always Bring a Testing Stethoscope

A testing stethoscope is designed to test whether the hearing aids are working or not. It allows a specialist, parent, or teacher to listen in on what the hearing aids are producing and this will enable them to check if the child is hearing things at a proper volume or setting.


The testing stethoscope becomes a must in school. The background noise in a quiet classroom where only the teacher is speaking is very different when compared to the background noises in a busy school gym. Making adjustments to the hearing aids using the stethoscope become an important part of a kid’s daily hearing process.


Accessories to Keep the Hearing Aids On

When sitting in the classroom it is very unlikely that the sound processor will fall off and get lost but it becomes a completely different situation when the child is attending gym classes or is playing during recess time.


Toupee tape and body glue are the most common solutions. Some parents always give the teachers an extra roll just in case their child is prone to losing their own supply of toupee tape. These accessories are important because replacing a lost hearing device can be quite expensive.


Just keep in mind that some kids are allergic to the adhesive material. If they have an allergic reaction then you can turn to tone hooks and other physical accessories that help keep the hearing aids in place even during physical activities.


Bring an Extra Pair of Batteries

Having an extra pair of batteries is a must. Even if you are using freshly charged batteries you can expect them to wear out sooner or later and a child busy at school cannot afford to not wear functional hearing aids.


It is always best to keep a pair of fully operational extra batteries on hand. Some parents find it useful to give the extra batteries to the child’s teachers to ensure they do not get lost or mishandled. This is a perfect solution for younger students who are prone to losing what they do not constantly use.


If you think your kids need hearing aids, make sure to get a hearing aid prescription. For more details of our hearing test & assessment, and hearing aid services, please contact HK Hearing & Speech Centre.




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