Tips for Effective Communicating with Children and Families Who Wear Hearing Aids

You might be surprised to learn that over 4 million people in America sensor hearing aids, but many don’t use them optimally. Although most adults are able to adjust and adapt to their hearing aids, it becomes a huge problem when it comes to small children.


Hearing aids are necessary for those who need to take steps towards hearing rehabilitation. The best way to help a family member who needs them is by giving them the confidence and resources they need to wear their hearing aids. Giving verbal reminders, showing them what alarms mean, and teaching sign language can all go a long way in creating a bridge between audiology and your loved ones.


Tips for teaching small children to wear hearing aid

A small child, especially one who is under three years old, will try to take out the hearing aid especially on the first few times that this gadget is attached to their ears. To avoid such problems, here’s what you need to do:


  1. Use hair tape to fix the hearing aid behind his ear

Kids can also have a flexible loop attached to hold their hearing aid when they do physical activities like dancing or running. This will help the hearing aids stay in place, and prevents them from bouncing off when they move their head back and forth.

  1. Hook a string, cord, clip, fish line or a loop to hold the hearing aid in place and attach the other end to the child’s dress.

  3. Buy an Ear Gear

  5. Encourage the child with hearing aids to continue wearing the devices

  7. If he is about to rip off his hearing aid, divert his attention by using his toys. This will train your loved one that wearing the hearing aid all the time can be okay, but if too intrusive then remove it for a moment.



Four Practices To Follow To Help Adults With Hearing Aids

If a family member is struggling with hearing aids, it is important to recommend seeing an audiologist to get a hearing aids prescription. This will help ensure the individual gets just the right device, determined from an expert’s recommendation.

  1. Don’t expect them to use their hearing aid right after buying it. They will need time to get adjusted to the feeling of the foreign object attached to their ears.

  3. According to Insight Hearing Aids, your family member might not be able to adjust the controls all by himself. If your family member is really old, he might not be able to access the device properly and it is helpful to help him out with adjustments.

  5. Focus your tone and volume when speaking when you have a conversation with an audibly impaired family member.

  7. Build the hearing aid user’s confidence with gradual changes through usage, increasing the time they listen daily until they are able to adjust.




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