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Hearing Aids Prescription

Hearing Aids Prescription is an important decision. It is vital in successful hearing rehabilitation for both the quality of the products and the service of the hearing aid dispensers.
Hearing Test
In general, it should receive a hearing test and evaluation by the professional ENT specialist or hearing expert before your hearing aids are prescribed. If you suffer the hearing loss, it should determine if you need a treatment by an ENT doctor. If the drugs and surgical treatment are helpless, you may then consider prescribing the right hearing aid as needed. Casual purchase of hearing aids may cause patients to delay in treatment.

The procedure and time frame for acquiring a hearing aid differs between public and private hearing services institutions. However, the steps are the same wherever your hearing aids are prescribed.

Step 1: Hearing Test

As the first step in obtaining a hearing aid, comprehensive hearing test and assessment is required. The hearing test result for hearing aid prescription must be current and within 6 months. Such result serves as the basis for selecting appropriate hearing aids and allows the hearing professional to provide realistic estimates of anticipated benefits from hearing aid use.

Step 2: Selecting Hearing Aid

Based on your hearing test result, your listening preferences, financial budget, and physical considerations (such as the size of your ear canal), you will be suggested the hearing aid models and styles which are most suitable for your hearing loss. Since hearing aid use is an individual experience, persons with similar hearing losses may experience benefits differently from same model of hearing aids.

Step 3: Earmould Custom-made

After selecting the hearing aid, an impression is made of your ear so that the shell of the CIC/ITE hearing aid or the earmould can be custom-made.

Step 4: Hearing Aid Fitting

When the hearing aid or the earmould is finished, the hearing professional will fit your hearing aid according to your hearing loss, so as to provide you with the required amplification and the most comfortable listening experience possible. You will then be instructed in the use and care of your hearing aid.

Step 5: Hearing Aid Post-fitting Follow-up

Since the fitting may vary due to individual living and working needs, you may be asked to return for post-fitting follow-up during the few weeks of hearing aid use.

Hearing Aids Prescription is not easy for the non-professional because of the lack of sound knowledge and information of the hearing aid products, hearing aid accessories and its services. The hearing aids come in a great variety of styles and options. Different styles and circuits have different costs and uses. Moreover, hearing aid manufactures keep developing new models hence causing the price changes from time to time. Hence, we suggest to seek helps from hearing professional. Our hearing & speech centre is a Hong Kong based professional hearing and speech therapy centre, coupled with advanced high-tech equipments and a strong team of experienced speech therapists, hearing experts, and ENT specialists to help your hearing aids prescription in a way beneficial to you.

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