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Hearing Aids Types

There are basically two models of hearing aids available: in-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids.

In-the-ear hearing aids (ITE)Hearing Aids
In-the-ear hearing aids include a microphone, a receiver, and an amplifier in a housing that is worn inside the ear. ITE instruments are available in different sizes and shapes. The size of the instrument depends on the performance and functions required:

CIC (Completely in the canal) :
the smallest of all hearing aids, these hide completely in your ear and are virtually invisible when worn.

CS (Mini canal):
Almost as small as a CIC but may feature selected control functions, e.g. program switch or volume control.

CT (Canal):
When a smaller model is not recommended for everyday use.

IT (Concha):
This model enables integration of the full range of supplemental functions available, e.g. telecoil or directional microphone. The advantages of ITE instruments are natural spatial hearing virtually, invisible and comfortable. It is ideal for sport activities and work. Besides, it is also cost-effective because of lower battery power required as the loudspeaker is closer to the eardrum.

Behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE)
Behind-the-ear hearing aids include a microphone, a receiver, and an amplifier in a housing that is worn behind the ear. Sound travels from the receiver via the ear hook (soft plastic tubing) and the ear mould, into the ear canal. BTE instruments are available in three sizes Mini, Power, and SuperPower, and a wide range of colours. Colourful hearing instruments or the mouse design are especially suited to children. The ear adapter can be coloured or adorned with jewellery items. The advantages of BTE hearing aids are versatile, easy to operate, and comfortable.

What is a digital hearing aid?
In the past, hearing aids amplified sound, including unwanted noise, which made them annoying to users, discouraging them from retain living quality through a better hearing. The introduction of digital technology is a new page to hearing aids. A microphone on the aid receives sound, which is converted to electrical impulses afterwards. Impulses are analyzed instantly. Only selective frequency segments, as per degree of hearing loss of a user, will be converted to amplified sound waves. The technology improves sound quality while eliminates distortion well. In addition, all digitial hearing aids provide superior listening comfort, speech clarity, user control, and programmable to individual requirements.

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