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Hearing Aids Styles

Hearing aids come in a great variety of styles and options. The common hearing aid styles are as below:

Behind-the-ear (BTE)Behind-the-ear (BTE)

  • to be connected to a custom-made earmould through a plastic tube
  • plastic casing containing the electronics
  • usually more powerful than ITE and CIC
  • can be used with any degree of hearing loss
  • easy operation, particularly suitable for young children and elders 

In-the-ear(ITC)In-the-ear (ITC)

  • to be placed inside the ear, like an ear plug
  • custom-made shell
  • small size, with telecoil option available
  • not appropriate for young children
  • not appropriate for young children
  • cheaper than CIC

Receiver-in-canal(RIC)Receiver-in-canal (RIC)

  • receiver removed from the BTE hearing instrument and fitted into the ear canal
  • size even smaller than CIC
  • nano-coated wax protection system
  • appropriate for the ones with mild to moderately severe hearing loss

Open Fit (Open)Open Fit (OPEN)

  • employ a unique ear fitting that keeps your ears open to sounds
  • miniature transparent-grey housing design, combined with the nearly invisible elan ear-set
  • wear your new hearing aids from the very first visit and start to enjoy the benefits.

Selecting and purchasing a suitable hearing aid is not easy. The hearing aids come in a great variety of styles and functions. It is obviously that the best selection should be based on your hearing test result, your listening preferences, financial budget, and physical considerations (such as the size of your ear canal, individual living and working needs), etc.

For our hearing test and hearing aids prescription, please contact our hearing experts.

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