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What is a Hearing Aid?

A hearing aid is an electronic assistive device which helps the user with hearing problems to communicate by amplifying sounds and speech. As similar to eyeglasses for people with visual problems, hearing aids are important for people with hearing loss.Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in a great variety of styles and options. Basically, there are four components in a hearing aid: microphone, amplifier, receiver, and battery. The microphone is mainly to pick up sound waves and converting them into electrical signals. Then, the amplifier strengthens the signals and the receiver reconverts the amplified signals into sound.

For different degrees of hearing loss and needs, hearing aids function differently, e.g. some with the device volume adjustment, tone adjustment, the maximum sound output conditioning, and telephone pickup device, etc.

A person with hearing impairment may find difficulty to hear a whisper but unbearable a little loud sound. By adopting different automatic functions such as automatic gain control (AGC) or clipping (PC) circuit and individually programmed by hearing professional, hearing aids can fit various specific needs of the hearing-impaired. By properly using hearing aids, it helps the user communicate and lead successful social life. Contact our hearing experts now.

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