Healthy Hearing Aid Habits

Healthy Hearing Aid Habits


Hearing loss is usually permanent, but with hearing aids you’ll be able to cope with it.   Yes they will take some getting used to at first, but a few tweaks here and there and some adjustments on your part should make the transition easy. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.


Wear the Hearing Aids

If you have hearing aids, don’t leave them in the box: wear them. At first it will be uncomfortable because everything you hear seems to be magnified, and you probably feel a bit self conscious. Even so, it’s imperative that you wear them because it’s the only way you’ll get used to the new sensations.


Learn How to Communicate

At first you might miss out on some things the other person is saying, but don’t be discouraged. If your ears fail to catch it, look for cues and clues from their facial expression and body language. As you’re getting used to the hearing aids, pay close attention to the small things and look at the person you’re talking to.


Let People Know

If you have hearing loss, let the people around you know to avoid misunderstanding and frustration. This is especially true in the workplace, so never assume people know about your condition. Today, many commercial establishments provide services for hearing impaired like visual alert kits, Teletype phones and closed captioning among others.


Work with Your Hearing Aids

If your hearing loss is severe, these aids won’t be able to restore them to the original level, but they will help. If you notice any problems or the hearing aids don’t feel comfortable go to your hearing aid doctor and tell him about it. As you probably know, some hearing aids can be expensive so it’s important that you get the most out of your money.


One way you can take care of your hearing aid is to open the battery door in the evening. During the day, moisture builds up in your ear and hearing aids, and opening the battery door helps the dry the moisture out, keeping the device intact.


Buy Extra Batteries

There’s nothing worse than having the batteries suddenly run out, so make sure there are a few extras in your car or bag. These batteries are very affordable so there’s no reason not to have one.


Store the Hearing Aids in a Safe Place

Store your hearing aids in a cool, dry place. Make sure they are within easy reach. Also read the product label if there are specific instructions about where you should store the device. What you must remember is that hearing aids must never be left overnight in your bathroom where it could get sprayed by water.


That’s really all it takes to make the most of your hearing aids, and if you follow them, adjustments will be easy.


If you think you need a hearing aid, make sure that you get a hearing aid prescription. For more details of our hearing test & assessment, and hearing aid services, please contact HK Hearing & Speech Centre.





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