Hearing Aid Technology – App Controlled Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Technology – App Controlled Hearing Aids


Hearing aids are often considered to be fine just as they are but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Hearing aids, for at least the past two decades, have barely improved and this means people with partial hearing loss never really had that many options to help their auditory senses.


That is about to change because now there are at least two new hearing aid products that can be adjusted on the fly using an iPhone. That’s right – with just a phone a person can now adjust the settings of their hearing aids to focus more on one side, to tone down the bass, or adjust for a “surround sound” appeal.


One such tool is the GN ReSound Linx. With a simple tap on a phone the user can adjust exactly how much sound, bass, or treble the hearing aids receive. This allows a person with poor hearing to conduct a normal conversation even when they are in a place as loud as a nightclub.


As a matter of fact, one test conducted showed that the person with these revolutionary hearing aids had better hearing than the person they were talking to, a person with 100% normal hearing!


The benefits go beyond just adjusting the atmospheric capabilities and hearing focus.

You can even turn your phone into a kind of “personal microphone”. You can lend the person your phone and let them speak directly into the phone’s mic – the person wearing the hearing aids will hear them even if they are across the room.


If you don’t have an iPhone then don’t fret; these new hearing aids are designed to also work for people without a modern smart phone. The devices are made so that they can enhance a person’s hearing even without the smart phone interface but the experience is richer if you have a compatible phone or tablet.


In regards to ReSound, it is compatible with most iOS devices running on iOS 7.04 or higher. This list includes most of the iPhone 5 line-up, 4th generation iPads, iPad Air and iPad Mini, as well as the 5th generation iPod Touch.


Since these are non-prescription tools, even people with only less-than-average hearing capabilities can avail of them by ordering them online. However, you will still be required to visit a hearing specialist to determine if these new tools are really fit for you or not.


Why settle for a one-setting hearing aid when you can now avail of these newer tools that not only help you hear but also enrich the experience by giving you the best audio focus you could ever ask for?




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