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“It will become lonely as an isolated island if there is no communication among people.”

However, due to some obstacles such as ages, impaired hearing, or speech communication problems, it greatly and adversely affects the quality of life of people. According to the 2013 report of World Health Organization, there are about 360 million people worldwide suffering from varying degrees of hearing and speech impairment problems.

We, of course, do not want obstacles such as old age, hearing loss, or other speech problems which hinder our proper communication with our relatives and friends. Good listening and appropriate language can improve our friendship and help to share our close feelings freely. Therefore, we are committed to provide professional assistance in hearing and speech issues.

HK Hearing & Speech Centre ( is a Hong Kong based professional hearing and speech therapy centre, coupled with advanced high-tech equipments and a strong team of experienced speech therapists, audiologists (hearing experts), ENT specialists and nursing staff, to offer a one-stop hearing & speech solution to all ages facing hearing and speech challenges.

Our services include hearing test (audiological assessment), hearing aids prescription, hearing rehabilitation, hearing aids & hearing aid accessories, audiology & speech therapy services, and professional counseling services.

We set up this blog from time to time publish information about hearing therapy, speech therapy, hearing aid prescription, ENT health knowledge, and other hearing & speech knowledge to the readers. Of course, if you suffer from hearing and speech problem, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance. It is the right approach and very important to get an early treatment.



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