Hearing Aids Prescription and Consultation Guide

Hearing Aids Prescription and Consultation Guide


Hearing aids prescription is necessary if you want to get the most appropriate solution to your hearing difficulties. While it’s easy enough to find an audiologist these days, there are several things you need to take into consideration during the consultation period.


Primary Considerations

If possible, bring someone along, such as a family member or anyone who is familiar with your condition. Your audiologist might ask several questions and provide a lot of information, so having someone to help remember all of that will be helpful. Second, you should be prepared to discuss every issue you have had or having regarding your hearing.

You should for instance, talk about any hearing related troubles you may have, like tinnitus, pain in the ears, balance issues and so on. It is very important that these facts are known by your audiologist since it could affect the type of hearing aids prescriptionthat will be given to you. It’s also a good idea to have your ear canals tested prior to any consultation, so that any health issues that come up may be discussed with your audiologist.


Matters to Discuss

Ask your audiologist what it would be like to wear a hearing device, because no matter how well designed it may be, some period of adjustment will be necessary, so ask what you feel, what hearing will be like the first couple of days, and so on. In other words, ask all the necessary questions so you’ll be prepared for the adjustment stage.


Before you receive any hearing aids prescription, expect the doctor to assess the condition of your ears, perform several tests and listen to your account how limited hearing is affecting your life, work, relationships and so on. You should also inform the doctor about your own expectations about hearing devices and if they can be realistically met.


Personalized Hearing Devices

A hearing aid prescription is necessary because for hearing devices to be effective, they have to be personalized and programmed to cater to your specific needs. Just as people go to an eye doctor in order to learn what eyeglasses are most suitable, the same principle applies to hearing devices. Apart from the power and amplification, fitting has to be discussed as well, and your doctor should offer advice on how you can get accustomed to the device as soon as possible. In addition, the audiologist should provide information about aftercare services in case it becomes necessary.


Once you have hearing aids prescriptionand start using them, you’ll begin to hear sounds that you haven’t heard in a while, and notice that sounds which were once barely audible are now very clear. This is normal, and in due time you’ll get used to it.




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