Prescription vs. Non-Prescription Hearing Aids

Prescription vs. Non-Prescription Hearing Aids


The issue between prescription versus non-prescription hearing aids can be settled by taking into consideration several factors. There are elements that make prescription hearing aids better than non-prescription types, and vice versa.


Advantage of Prescription Hearing Aids


A prescription hearing aid has many advantages. For one, it is specifically designed for the particular needs of the person with a hearing impairment. You cannot get this type of hearing device without getting hearing aids prescription from an audiologist or an ENT specialist.


By virtue of being diagnosed by a specialist, you are given a hearing device that is specifically suited to the type and degree of your hearing loss. When you show your hearing aids prescription to a supplier of hearing devices, he will give you the exact model that you need.


You cannot enjoy the same type of benefit with non-prescription hearing aids, because the device that you will get is not specifically targeted to your needs. They are more of the fit-for-all type of instruments. We all know that that principle does not really work too well. To some extent it will, but not as good as the prescription type.


Another advantage of buying a prescription hearing aid is the durability of the product. These types are usually made of durable materials, and their craftsmanship is excellent as well. Therefore, you can expect these devices to last for a long while. The high initial cost will be worth it because you can use it much longer.


The biggest drawback for prescription hearing aids is the cost. Initially, you have to pay for the services of an audiologist or an ENT specialist who will diagnose your condition and provide you with hearing aids prescription. Then you have to buy the hearing aid that they have recommended which is likely to be more expensive than the non-prescription types.


Non- Prescription Hearing Aids

Since most of the non-prescription hearing aids are designed for the masses, you cannot expect all of them to be made of quality materials. Some of them are, but most are not. Therefore, you really have to search for quality brands and models to be sure that the gadget that you will buy will last a reasonable length of time.


With non-prescription hearing aids, you can just buy it over the counter. Just go to the nearest seller of hearing devices and tell the assisting clerk about your needs. He may or may not ask about your hearing problems because that really does not matter, if you are intent on just buying what you want. But it would be best if you would ask for the best device available. The assisting clerk is trained to help you get the most appropriate hearing device for your particular condition.





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