Tools and Accessories to Keep Baby’s Hearing Aids On

Tools and Accessories to Keep Baby’s Hearing Aids On


If your baby requires hearing aids then one of the first hurdles is keeping them on. Babies and toddlers tend to move around a lot and they often remove their hearing aids due to discomfort or just because their hands found their way up to their ears.

This isn’t helpful, of course, because parents want their growing babies to keep their hearing aids on as much as possible. Babies and toddlers require their auditory sense to grow and develop. Those without permanent hearing loss will require the hearing aids to improve their inner ear until they can live without them.


So how can you keep them on without hurting your child or causing discomfort?


Consider some of the tools or accessories listed below:


Make Use of Tone Hooks

Most tone hooks are designed for adult ears so the ones you initially buy won’t be compatible with the smaller ears of your baby or toddler. However, you can always ask your child’s hearing specialist for custom-designed tone hooks that will fit the child’s smaller ears.


You’ll want inexpensive tone hooks because the ones you get won’t fit after a few months. Babies and toddlers grow pretty rapidly so what may fit today won’t fit in six months or a year. It’ll be too expensive to keep changing tone hooks so adjustable ones are better suited for growing needs.


Toupee Tape – Last Resort

Toupee tape or wig tape can be used from time to time. This adhesive needs to be changed often because after some time they will lose their adhesiveness and eventually won’t work anymore.


Keep in mind that many children are allergic to these adhesives so double check with your hearing specialist and pediatrician before using toupee tape to keep the hearing aids in place. Always check behind the ear for early signs of allergy such as mild irritations or rashes.


Huggie Aids

Huggie Aids is a specific brand of product that keeps hearing aids in place without the use of any adhesive. These adjustment bands can be a bit expensive at first but the pay-off is well worth the investment. They are comfortable and they ensure that the hearing aids stay on.


Caps and Hearing Aid Inspection

If your baby has a habit of removing their hearing aids then it is suggested you take them to your specialist. It might just be a baby’s habit of fondling with their ears or it could be a sign of discomfort.

In case it is only a fondling habit then you can let your baby wear a cap that slightly covers their ears. This will prevent them from removing the hearing aids. You can keep this until they get used to the hearing aids and no longer fondle or remove them.


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