Common Misconceptions Some People Don’t Wear Hearing Aids

Common Misconceptions Some People Don’t Wear Hearing Aids


When someone is suffering from hearing loss, whether it is severe due to a sudden injury or mild due to genetic conditions or aging, it is very important to immediately seek the assistance of hearing aids. These hearing aids help people hear even when their auditory senses have been damaged and it is also crucial for proper healing.

However, for many reasons some people do not want to wear hearing aids even after the doctors and hearing specialists tell them that they have to. Why is this?


Consider the following list of common reasons and discover why they aren’t as valid as people make them out to be:


“My Hearing’s Isn’t Really That Bad Yet”

Studies have shown that the earlier a person wears hearing aids, the more likely it is they’ll recover and will no longer have to wear the hearing aids after some time. Younger kids with permanent hearing loss benefit from wearing hearing aids early because the enhanced auditory sense helps with the development of speech and language.


Just because a person has only mild hearing loss it isn’t a reason to postpone the use of hearing aids. As they say, prevention is better than cure and in this case it really is true.


“Hearing Aids Are Hard to Use”

That’s why there is a trial period. Doctors and hearing specialists give a few weeks time to let you break in and get used to your new hearing aids. This trial period allows you to get comfortable wearing the hearing aids, getting used to different adjustments, and learning how they work.


And besides – there are now newer hearing aids that can be adjusted using an iPhone or iPad. When the convenience is brought directly through a swipe or button tap, there is absolutely no reason to try a pair today.


“Hearing Aids Cost Too Much”

It is true that people have to pay thousands of dollars out of their pockets for these devices. However, money shouldn’t be a hurdle when it comes to your health and capability to communicate.


 “Hearing Aids are Ugly”

This is quickly becoming less and less of a problem. Newer products are being designed to be invisible to the glancing eye. Others are designed so that the bulk of their processing units are hidden in reading glass frames, clear wires, or can be tucked inside the ear canal.


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