Using Hearing Aids in the Boardroom with Assistive Listening Devices

Using Hearing Aids in the Boardroom with Assistive Listening Devices


As many offices are now equipped with the assistive listening devices that can cater to people with disability and hearing problems, most presentations and meetings can now be easily heard and understood by these special needs employees. The reason why hearing devices are best in complex situations, like panel meeting, debates or discussions, is because people with hearing loss can still hear what the presenter is talking about. One more reason would be the ability of assistive listening devices to amplify all types of sounds surrounding the room.


Assistive listening devices allow everyone to take part in the discussion

Through the use of these hearing devices, people suffering from hearing loss can be helped further by complementing the sound they hear from their own, personal hearing aids. This is crucial in environments that are surrounded by disturbing noises and sounds coming from all types of directions.

Sometimes, when faced with complex situations and surroundings, special needs people feel overwhelmed and saddened because they feel lacking whenever they try to adjust or listen patiently with what their hearing aids can grasp. These devices are enhancing the speech and sounds by the use of digital technology. It filters out anything that is unnecessary before it reaches people’s hearing aids.


Conference microphones integrated with powerful receivers

The microphone is another device that people with hearing aids and hearing loss can use to fully grasp the discussion and information being disseminated in the room. This type of assistive device can transmit sound without the annoying background noise, without any time lag from the moment the presenter talks, directly to the individual’s hearing aid.

The sound coming from the microphone is processed digitally that is why only the important parts are transmitted and amplified. Furthermore, it can compensate for the altering location of the speakers as well as voice levels, which can be difficult for the person with hearing loss.

To avoid any discriminations, there is also an available discreet microphone that is made to be clipped on any part of the presenter’s clothing, like his collar, shirt and suit. The sound coming from this device is transmitted and then processed to be disseminated to the individual’s hearing aid.


Benefits of assistive listening devices

People with hearing difficulties will be able to feel confident that they too are involved in the meeting and presentation, not just bystanders ready to nod in agreement. Most of these people are able to understand what is being said and there will no need for guesswork.

These are also easily able to remove unnecessary noises surrounding the boardroom or area where the meetings and presentations are being done. This will avoid any misunderstanding among the participants and the presenters.


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