Causes of Hearing Loss – Diseases

Contrary to popular belief, hearing loss among adults isn’t always “just a sign of aging” and it shouldn’t be viewed as normal. Causes of hearing loss can be genetics, side effects from drugs, too much exposure to very loud noises, a head injury, tumors, or any of various illnesses. Hearing loss can also be accompanied by tinnitus, which causes constant ringing in the ear(s).


Aside from the common causes we have listed above, here are diseases that may cause hearing loss.



Otosclerosis is the most common cause of hearing loss in adults, especially young adults. It causes an abnormal growth of a sponge-like bone right in the middle of the ear, which then prevents the ear bones from vibrating. These vibrations are a response to catching sound waves and are necessary for hearing.



  • Gradual hearing loss
  • Tinnitus/ringing in the ears
  • Vertigo/dizziness


Ostoclerosis is usually not treated until hearing problems are at a later stage, but fluoride, calcium, and vitamin D supplements are taken to slow down the progress of hearing loss. One can also use a hearing aid when it’s at its worst. In some cases, surgery is done to remove the bone or parts of it.


Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease usually just affects only one ear, but is a serious illness. It an occur at any age but is more common for people aged 20 to 50. It is a chronic condition that causes one to lose hearing permanently.



  • Vertigo/feeling like you are spinning
  • Hearing fluctuations
  • Tinnitus/ringing in the ear
  • Fullness or pressure in the ear


Meniere’s disease is suspected to be a result of fluid buildup in the inner ear, abnormal immune response, allergies, viral infection, or head trauma. So far, no study has identified a single cause.



Aside from these two, these medical conditions can also lead to hearing loss if not treated early:



According to statistics, around 40% of people who suffer from diabetes also develop some kind of hearing loss in both ears.



Bacterial and fungal meningitis can cause hearing loss, as it attacks part of the brain and the spinal cord.



One of the side effects of tuberculosis is hearing loss, and it’s suspected to be caused by the tuberculosis medication streptomycin.



About half of people who have an underactive thyroid also suffer from hearing loss.



Cancer in the ear of head area are possible causes of hearing loss.



Mumps can cause complete hearing loss on one ear, usually the side it has affected.


Chicken Pox

This seemingly harmless illness can surprisingly cause hearing loss to the unborn child if caught by an expecting mother.


As our previously mentioned, causes of hearing loss can be genetics, side effects from drugs, too much exposure to very loud noises, a head injury, tumors, or any of various illnesses, hence it shouldn’t be viewed as normal. If you think your child or you suffers from hearing loss and may need a hearing aid, make sure to take a hearing test & assessment first. Our ENT doctor and hearing specialist will try our best to assist you. For appointment, please contact HK Hearing & Speech Centre.




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