Tips When Choosing Hearing Aids for Kids

Unlike fully grown adults, children have different needs when it comes to choosing their hearing aids. Since children will most likely not fully understand their diagnosis and the complicated tasks in choosing the right hearing aid, it is up to the parents to ensure that their kid leaves the clinic with the right tools.


First of all, parents might want to make sure they avail of hearing aids that utilize adjustable ear-molds. This will allow the specialist to adjust the size and shape of the hearing aid without the need to purchase an entirely new set of hearing devices. This is important because a child’s ears are constantly growing as they get older.


Always make it a point to choose hearing aids with assistive hearing settings such as an FM system. This type of setting will help the child block out background noise and will let their ears focus on a particular, intended sound. This becomes helpful when they are in noisy environments.


A child with these types of assistive hearing tools will be able to block out the background noise in a classroom so they can fully receive the sounds of their teachers lecturing. It also helps a child with hearing loss identify a particular sound when they are immersed in large crowds where everyone is talking at once.


If the child is a little bit older then they may also want to avail of some hearing aids accessories such as gaming devices, smart phones, or tablets that feature apps capable of helping them get the most out of their hearing devices. Some apps allow children to adjust the volume or intensity of their aids with a simple tap or swipe.


These accessories are crucial because they can help a child adjust to different environments. One general setting might be fine when talking one-on-one with another person but it might not be optimal when in a busy classroom or when in a crowd filled with all sorts of background noise.


Also take a moment to decide whether your child needs an in-the-ear device (ITE) or a hearing aid located behind the ear (BTE). For the most part, younger children use behind-the-ear devices while older kids use those in the ear due to the convenience and because the device is harder for other people to notice. Newer hearing aids are even compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Remember that choosing a pair of hearing aids for children is not as easy as it is for an adult, especially when a child requires hearing aids prescription at an early age. Most children wearing hearing aids early in their life find it difficult to differentiate what is and what isn’t the proper auditory range.


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