Crucial Tips to Remember When Buying Hearing Aids

Crucial Tips to Remember When Buying Hearing Aids



Once a patient is prescribed to use or get a hearing aid, he is easily overwhelmed or depressed because he fears that it will change his life forever. Actually, it will definitely change his life but not in the way most patients predict. Getting a hearing aid can change your life for the better because:


  • It can help improve your listening and hearing skills
  • It can dramatically change the way you communicate
  • It can affect work performance in your job
  • It can change how you appreciate music
  • It can provide better overall hearing capability


If you are convinced that a hearing aid can treat your hearing loss, the next overwhelming task is how to choose and buy the perfect one for you. As hearing aids do not cost cheap, picking the right one will not only guarantee a hearing loss treatment but can also assure you that the money you have used will be put to good use.


Tip #1 Beware of ‘discounted’ hearing aids online.

Although it is tempting to buy something cheaper and affordable on the Internet, you have to be aware that some sites are not selling FDA-approved hearing apparatus. Furthermore, if you buy online, you might be losing the following professional services:


  • Important diagnostic hearing evaluation
  • Hearing aid adjustment orientation
  • Hearing aid rehabilitation services

These services are necessary to help you achieve quality hearing health care and the fullest benefit you can get from a hearing aid.


Tip #2 Make sure to get your hearing aid from an otolaryngologist or audiologist.

As you will get the hearing assessment from an audiologist, it would be best to ask them if they sell or offer hearing aids. Always bear in mind that hearing aids must be customized to fit your ear and hearing diagnosis. This is the reason why  federal regulation bans unauthorized selling of hearing aids without a physician’s clearance.


Tip #3 Choose the right style and feature for your hearing diagnosis that will fit your budget.

There are several types and features of hearing aids that can actually determine the cost of the product. You shouldn’t purchase a hearing aid based on cost alone because a product reliability can save you thousands on repairs and reduce malfunction issues.


Remember that the best hearing aid varies per individual and their listening or hearing needs, the shape or size of the ear and your hand dexterity.


Tip #4 Ask questions about service repair, warranty and refund.

Of course, hearing aids are not perfect and once in awhile, you might encounter a malfunction or product problem. If you have a warranty or you are aware of how it works, you can always bring it back to where you have bought it for repair, free of charge. If your product is already over the warranty, it is good to know if they have a service center near your area in case of emergencies and problems.


Some places also offer trial periods if you are hesitant to use the hearing aid. It will be very helpful in case you have a change of heart about using hearing aids, which could have led to more expenses and less dollar saving point.


Tip #5 Look for hearing aids that can also work well with other hearing devices.

Getting other hearing devices or accessories to work along your newly purchased hearing aid will help you improve your hearing on a bigger and challenging scale or situations.


It may take several days or even months before you can get adjusted to your new device but if you follow these tips and attend your audiologist’s orientation, then rest assured that you will get the full use of your hearing aid in no time.


If you think you need to buy hearing aids, make sure that you get a hearing aid prescription. Also note that the programs on these devices may be modified, but ask your audiologist first before making any changes. We are specialist of hearing test & assessment and provide hearing aid prescription.





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