The Different Levels of Hearing Loss and More Facts for You

Are you suffering from hearing loss? How serious is your case? Only a few people know about the different levels of hearing loss; and hopefully, you are among them.


Numerous people, whether aware or not, suffer from hearing loss. The condition affects various aspects of their lives; therefore, the sufferer should be able to address it properly.


The right treatment depends on the hearing loss level. Failing to receive it may lead to numerous adverse happenings.


The Different Levels of Hearing Loss

Below are the most common levels of hearing loss:


  • Mild

If you’re having a hard time keeping up with conversations when you are in parties or other noisy surroundings, you might be suffering from a mild hearing loss. Sufferers of this condition can clearly hear sounds between 25 and 40dB.


  • Moderate

Sufferers of this condition need to wear hearing aids and may have difficulty keeping up with conversations if they don’t. If you have moderate hearing loss, the quietest sounds you may hear with your better ear are from 40 and 70 db.


  • Severe

Powerful hearing aids help people with severe hearing loss. However, sufferers may still need to rely heavily on lip-reading to keep up with conversations. In a number of cases, some also use sign language. If you have severe hearing loss, the quietest sound you may hear with your better ear are from 70 to 85dB.


  • Profound

Sufferers of profound hearing loss experience the most difficulty in hearing. Most of the time, they rely on lip-reading or sign language, although they may hear loud sounds. The quietest sounds heard by people with this condition are 95db or more.


Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss

Whatever the level of hearing loss is, every sufferer should seek treatment. Failing to do so can lead to the following negative effects: stress, fatigue, tension, depression, irritability, anger, loneliness, social rejection, impaired memory, diminished psychological health, and decreased job performance.


Hearing loss can occur to anyone at any time. It is not exclusive for old people; even children can have it too. Likewise, it is important to take note that even mild cases of hearing loss can hinder a person from learning and lower his or her self-esteem. Such negative effects don’t only occur in serious cases.



Hearing loss is a condition that should pay close attention to. As you have learned, anyone can suffer from it at any point of his or her life.


It is truly hard to have a hearing problem, for it can affect various important aspects of one’s life. To avoid possible negative happenings, it pays to educate yourself about the nature of this condition and some treatments or possible preventive measures. Take note of those that you may apply.


If you think your child or you suffers from a hearing problem, make sure to get a hearing test & assessment. For details of our hearing aid services, please contact HK Hearing & Speech Centre.




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