Hearing Aids Decoded: How Does it Work?

Hearing Aids Decoded: How Does it Work?


So you have finally gotten the guts to get a hearing aid and apparently, it is not as bad as you thought it was going to be. Good for you because with this step, you are trying to alter your life and make sense of what is going on around you, literally.

Hearing loss is something most people try to hide and as much as possible, they want to use a hearing aid that is inconspicuous to avoid getting stared or worst, being pitied upon. However, the use of hearing aid is actually one of the best solution to your hearing difficulty.

Before getting yourself one, an audiologist would have given you a hearing aid prescription and naturally, you have gone through the process of choosing which type would be suitable for you and your lifestyle.


Types of Hearing Aids

Analog Hearing Aid – the first and original device that has been used to help people suffering for hearing loss. This works by picking up the sound and then translating it to electrical signals, amplifying it to make the sound louder for the patients to hear.

Digital Hearing Aid – the newest and most advanced technology in the treatment of hearing loss. This device has a silicone chip and electrical components that can continuously process the sound being transmitted to the ear, making it clearer and more understandable.


Parts of  a Hearing Aid

  • Microphone – an outside device that can pick the sound being transmitted to the ear and is the one responsible for converting the sound waves to digital sounds
  • Microchip – a miniature device that acts like a computer that helps tune and customize your hearing aid for you
  • Amplifier – strengthens and makes the digital signals louder
  • Battery – powers the device
  • Receiver – also known as the speaker and is the part responsible for converting the sound waves passing in the inner ear


By learning about the types and parts of a hearing aid, you will be able to identify how your device works in treating your hearing loss. The more advanced or sophisticated your hearing aid is, you are ensured that you get the best sound in its most audible and understandable state.

You’ll know you have a one-of-a-kind device if you have people watching TV or you are in a loud environment but you can still hear conversations very clearly. Best of all, you can now join in party jokes and is confident that even whispered conversations will no longer be awkward or in silence.


If you think you need a hearing aid, make sure that you get a hearing aid prescription. Also note that the programs on these devices may be modified, but ask your ENT doctor first before making any changes. We are a hearing specialist offering hearing test, hearing aid prescription, and the subsequent hearing aid services.





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