Raising a Deaf Child: A Parent’s Guide

Needless to say, raising a deaf child is a serious challenge. Parenting alone is a tough responsibility; hence the difficulty becomes doubled when looking after a kid with disability.


Adding to the complexity of the situation is the fact that most parents are not in the know of the proper things to do when raising a deaf child. But with education and right information, the task will be a bit easier. In this article, we will discuss about the basics of parenting deaf children.


How do You Raise Your Deaf Child?

While having a disabled child can break your heart, you should be strong enough to do your duties as a parent. You should be your little one’s source of strength. To have a good overall parenting experience, here are the things you should do:


  • Talk with your spouse and relatives about your child’s welfare.

Upon knowing the disability of your kid, the first thing you should do is to keep in mind that you are not alone. Discuss your concerns with your spouse and other relatives; and together, think of effective ways to provide the needs of your deaf child.


  • Educate yourself about Deaf history and culture.

Everything goes well if you have enough knowledge. How do deaf people feel? How should you treat and communicate with them? You may get the answers from various details about Deaf history and culture.

Read books and reliable online sources to educate yourself about anything related to your kid’s condition.


  • Ask the help of a professional.

It is advisable to ask the help of a Deaf mentor when it comes to searching for support and educating yourself. Nothing beats the information that comes from an experienced professional, so you better invest some time in doing discussions with one.


  • Search for the best special education services in your area.

As much as you want your child to live a normal life, he or she has particular needs that only special education services can provide. This is not to discourage you to expose your child in a regular learning environment. You may still opt to do it, provided it can give his or her primary needs.


  • Communicate with your child through signing.

To have a better communication with your kid, it is advisable that you learn to communicate through signing. Moreover, it is best if everyone in the household would do it as well. Make sure your spouse and other children learn signing too.



Successfully raising a deaf child comes with numerous trials and difficulties. But with loving and supporting family members plus right knowledge, you can surely make it. In the end, it is your child who may suffer the most if all of you fail to support him or her. You should be strong enough to provide the good life that he or she truly deserves.


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