Reasons to Upgrade Your Old Hearing Aids

Reasons to Upgrade Your Old Hearing Aids


Even if your ability to hear is impaired, it is no mean loss as you can still hear for new technology invented devices that restore your ability to hear sounds. Using your listening gadget for years, you may be wondering if it needs to be upgraded. Since hearing aids, unlike diamonds, do not last forever, it has to be improved in the proper time. It will anywhere from three years to seven; in fact, with some users, even longer.


Factors affecting longevity of hearing devices

It is exciting news that new technology has made better and more durable devices. But its lifespan is still subject to:

(1) how well the instrument is built;

(2) how well it is maintained; and

(3) how much wear and tear the device has been worn in your ear a number of hours daily.


Three reasons to consider upgrading your devices:

  1. Consider a change in hearing: Remember that age-related hearing loss is reprobate as hearing acuity diminishes over time. Replacing to a more sophisticated technology will go a long way in compensating for this change. Professionals, with the available hearing aid options, can assist you find the right one to correct changes in your hearing.
  2. Consider a change in lifestyle: Any changes in your life relating to occupation, living situations and external interests always demand superior performance from your hearing aids. If your lifestyle is active, will be faced with various difficult listening situations, hearing device advancement helps you face the biggest challenges of a hearing aid wearer especially in a noisy environment.
  3. Consider improvement in performance – As an experienced hearing aid wearer, you have already developed hearing preferences. New devices give you more control over its settings and functionality. Stay up to date on the latest hearing technology.


Upgrading hearing aids with style

Now that you have decided to upgrade your hearing aid, you can look into the various styles that fit your need at the moment. Today, processors are getting smaller so hearing aids are also shrinking. The beauty of the behind the ear style is its smaller size so it is hardly noticed. With a range of colors to choose from, they look better too. Many who created in the various ear styles included powerful processors capable of supporting people with moderate or even severe hearing loss. The behind the ear style is just right for you but it has lesser programs. So you have to decide whether you want the behind the ear style with lesser programs than other styles with extra programs and features.

After all is said and done, it is time for you to upgrade the alternate-ego of your auricle. Upgrade your hearing aids and it will go a long way in giving you louder and clearer sounds!

If you think you need a hearing aid, make sure that you get a hearing aid prescription. Also note that the programs on these devices may be modified, but ask your ENT doctor first before making any changes. We are a specialist offering hearing test and hearing aid prescription.





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