Hearing Therapy

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Raising a Deaf Child: A Parent’s Guide

Needless to say, raising a deaf child is a serious challenge. Parenting alone is a tough responsibility; hence the difficulty becomes doubled when looking after a kid with disability.


Adding to the complexity of the situation is the fact that most parents are not in the know of the proper things to do when raising a deaf child. But with education and right information, the task will be a bit easier. In this article, we will discuss about the basics of parenting deaf children. Continue reading

Misconceptions about Hearing Loss Sufferers – Can Deaf People Drive?

Can deaf people drive? It is a common thought that they can’t. How could they do so if they don’t hear other vehicles’ horns and other necessary sounds? But while numerous people think that driving is definitely not for the deaf, there are also some claims that they are actually better drivers.


On this page, we will discuss about the common thoughts about hearing loss sufferers . Which are facts and which are just mere misconceptions? Continue reading

Causes of Hearing Loss – Diseases

Contrary to popular belief, hearing loss among adults isn’t always “just a sign of aging” and it shouldn’t be viewed as normal. Causes of hearing loss can be genetics, side effects from drugs, too much exposure to very loud noises, a head injury, tumors, or any of various illnesses. Hearing loss can also be accompanied by tinnitus, which causes constant ringing in the ear(s).


Aside from the common causes we have listed above, here are diseases that may cause hearing loss. Continue reading

Don’t Overlook Vertigo and Hearing Loss before hearing aid prescription

If you are suffering from an ear infection or any other problems with your ear, chances are, you are also having issues with your balance. You may even be experiencing dizziness and a feeling of “spinning.” This is because the ear is not just responsible for our hearing, but also for our balance.


As a matter of fact, vertigo and hearing loss are often associated with each other. The two usually occur alongside each other as symptoms of ear infections and diseases such as Meniere’s disease, otosclerosis, and autoimmune inner ear disease. Continue reading

Understanding Congenital Hearing Loss in children

Does your infant suffer from hearing loss? While some think that such condition only occurs among aging people, the truth is the exact opposite; for even a newborn baby can have it too. The condition is congenital, and understanding congenital hearing loss is very crucial for every parent.


In this article, we will discuss about congenital hearing loss and some false thoughts about hearing loss in children. Continue reading

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