Choosing the Suitable Hearing Aid for You

Choosing the Suitable Hearing Aid for You


There are many kinds of hearing aid you can choose from which makes it increasingly difficult to pick the right one. If you’ve been considering using a hearing aid but are concerned about how it will look when you wear it, or if you don’t exactly know which kind of hearing aid to buy, the following tips may be able to help you out.


Types of Hearing Aids:


First of all, you need to understand that no matter what style of hearing aid you like, they work on the same principle. They contain similar parts that function to carry sound coming from the environment to your ear.


Hearing aids vary in style and size, and the way they are placed in the ears. There are small hearing devices which can fit inside the ear canal so no one will know you’re wearing them. Others can only fit partially inside the ear. Keep in mind however that the smaller the device, the less powerful it is. Smaller hearing aids also need battery replacements or recharging more often than bigger ones.


1. Completely in-the-ear-canal – This type of hearing aid will fit inside your canal and will work for people with mild to moderate loss of hearing. They’re less noticeable and less likely to pick up wind noise. It’s also more convenient because you can talk on the phone easily with it.


2. In-the-canal – This type of hearing aid fits partially in the canal and it’s ideal for people with mild to moderate loss of hearing. In-the-canal hearing aids are less visible but it’s a bit challenging to adjust. However, it’s easy to speak on the phone with this particular hearing device.


3. Half shell – This is a version of in-the-canal hearing devices and it fits the lower part of your outer ear. It’s a good option for people with mild to moderately severe loss of hearing. This device is slightly bigger than its in-the-canal counterpart and it’s easier to adjust and handle. These things also have features like volume control and mic.


4. Full shell – This particular hearing aid fills the bowl-shaped part of the outer ear and can help individuals with mild to severe loss of hearing. It’s very visible and can pick up wind sounds however it’s filled with some nice features such as mic and volume control and its batteries also last longer.


5. Behind the ear – This hearing aid will be hooked over the ear and rest behind it. This type of device can pick up all sorts of sounds and increases them. This hearing aid will work for all levels of hearing loss and can be worn by adults and kids alike.


You may seek professional advice of hearing aid prescription from an ENT doctor regarding what type of hearing aid is suitable for you. He can tell you your degree of hearing loss and explain more about the benefits and drawbacks of each type after a hearing test.




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