Special Features in Hearing Aid Prescription

Special Features in Hearing Aid Prescription


Hearing aids have come a long way ever since digital technology was incorporated into the device. Nowadays, your audiologist may be able to include some special features in your hearing aid prescription. You may no longer have to be content with just being able to engage in conversation.


Here are some new features in hearing aid prescriptionswhich may fit your particular circumstances.


  • Telephone setting. Just about everyone these days has a smartphone. But “regular” hearing aids may not be able to help you engage in a telephone conversation at all. Speech over the phone is different. However, your audiologist may give you a hearing aid prescriptionwhich can improve your ability to engage in a phone conversation.

Previously, people just amplified their phones and then placed the receiver into their hearing aids. But now, there are some hearing aids which can be adjusted so that phone conversations can be improved. There are even some hearing aids with a “telephone” setting so you can hear the words more clearly.


  • Music setting. Listening to music is different compared to listening to spoken words by people next to you. Hearing aids are normally configured to optimize your understanding of spoken words, but this may not be optimal if you want to listen to music.

There are several ways and strategies which your audiologist can include in your hearing aid prescriptionso that you will be able to listen to music more effectively. This can be a lifesaver if you are a musician and you’re now experiencing some hearing loss.

But now there are also new types of hearing aids which already come with a pre-adjusted music setting. That means you can basically flip a switch and change from focusing on conversations to focusing on music.


  • Directional Microphones. Hearing aids usually have microphones to pick up sounds to transmit to your cochlea. But usually, these mikes can pick up sound from anywhere, so you’re not exactly sure where the sound is coming from.

However, if you are having some difficulties when you engage in conversation, then your hearing aid prescription may specify directional mike hearing aids. These things focus on sounds coming in front of you and reduce the sounds from behind you. This means you can just face the person you are talking to so that you can have a conversation, even if the rest of the room is noisy.


  • Hearing aids compatible with other devices. Perhaps you can ask your audiologist to factor in Bluetooth and other wireless technology in their hearing aid prescription. Some devices can be used so that the hearing aid can be compatible to a phone or to a TV. Some hearing aids already have this technology built in.

Your audiologist is there to help you get along with your hearing loss. With these features, perhaps you can get along much better than you used to.




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