Hearing Aids: Myths and Truths

Hearing Aids: Myths and Truths


Are you looking to buy a hearing aid?


Before you make an appointment with an audiologist who will dispense and fit your hearing aid, it’s necessary for you to learn more about these devices. It’s always smart to be informed and get the essential details. That way, you can make your own decisions and not just rely on what the experts tell you.


That said, here are some of the most common myths and truths about hearing aids.


Myth: Hearing aids can cure your hearing problem.

Truth: Any “expert” who promises you that hearing devices will restore your hearing to normal is a fraud. Hearing aids do not cure the problem but they can help improve your ability to hear so that you can communicate normally. When you take them out, you lose your enhanced sense of hearing again.


Myth: You don’t need to see an audiologist. You can easily buy a hearing aid online.

Truth: While it may be true that you can get hearing aids online without seeing an audiologist or an ENT, it’s always recommended that you consult with a medical expert who can accurately assess your hearing problem. These professionals can conduct a hearing evaluation, provide recommendation for treatment, and even help you pick the most suitable hearing aid for you.


Myth: A hearing aid will worsen your hearing loss.

Truth: If you choose a well maintained hearing aid and it fits properly in your ear, it won’t damage your hearing further.


Myth: You don’t need to wear two hearing aids.

Truth: If you have a hearing problem in both ears then you need two hearing devices. Binaural hearing (using 2 ears) helps you identify sounds better and provide a more natural sound quality.


Myth: In the ear canal hearing aids (invisible hearing aids) are the best option to buy.

Truth: There are many types of hearing aids and technically speaking, there’s no particular style that’s better than the other. Choose a style that works for you and pick a brand or model that is durable, high quality and fits your ear comfortably because that is the best hearing aid for you.


An audiologist can help you choose the right hearing aid. Remember that they are trained and experienced in dispensing hearing aids and they can explain concepts that you find difficult to understand. They can also answer all your questions regarding hearing loss and hearing aids. Many people forego an opportunity to speak with hearing loss experts because they think it’s just an unnecessary expense when in fact, it’s the most important thing you need to do prior to buying a hearing aid. So gather all the information about your condition and then talk to an audiologist to get the answers you need.




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