Early Signs Your Child Has Hearing Problems

Babies, a day or two after birth, undergo a test called newborn screening. The infant may be fit as a fiddle after the screening, but it is possible to develop hearing loss the weeks or month after.


Needless to say, attention must be given in the observance of these symptoms of hearing loss in babies, toddlers and young children.


From infancy to second year symptoms of hearing loss

The bracketing of these signs and symptoms reflects the stages of development of a child. The list signals the onset of hearing loss in a child.


Birth to fourth month:

  • does not startle at loud sounds which may indicate, at least, moderate hearing loss;
  • does not waken, or even stir, at a booming sound; immediate consultation is needed;
  • unresponsive to voice.


The next five months:

  • does no prattling sounds;
  • never smiles when given attention;
  • does not turn at a previously familiar sound;
  • never attracted to toys that emit sound;
  • does not comprehend motions of the hands by parent.


The following six months after:

  • does not answer at the call by name;
  • does not imitate back any simple sound;
  • does not make varied babbling noises;
  • never uses its voice to get attention;
  • does not respond to basic requests by the parent or sibling.


The subsequent nine months afterwards:

  • never uses any words at all;
  • cannot utter any names of whatsoever objects or playthings at all;
  • indifferent to stories, songs, rhymes and music;
  • does not point to body parts when asked;
  • does not follow or execute simple commands;
  • does not point to familiar or known objects a parent names.


Toddler to preschooler child symptoms of hearing loss

A child at this stage in life may have the possibility of hearing loss whether drastic or gradual. Here are signs and symptoms to check:

  • speaks differently than other children of same age;
  • unresponsive to a call of his name;
  • unable to process what others say;
  • misunderstands questions;
  • academic decline;
  • sits close to TV or makes abnormally high-volume increase of TV;
  • speech delay or articulation problem;
  • ear pain or earache;
  • intently observe a speaker’s face for lip reading.


These signs and symptoms of hearing loss should never be taken lightly by any parent. It is the physical, mental and psychological well-being and the cultivation of a character and personality in a child’s life is what weighs heaviest.


If your children suffers a hearing loss, it is necessary to take a hearing test to determine the extent of damage and the severity of hearing loss. For more details of our hearing aid prescription and hearing aid services, please contact HK Hearing & Speech Centre.




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