Which Hearing Aid Features Are Needed and Vital?

When you are picking up your first pair of hearing aids, it might be difficult to understand why you should have certain features.


Which Hearing Aid Features Are Needed and Vital?

If you’re hesitant to buy a hearing aid because of the high pitched voice, which pierces your ear at regular intervals, consider getting a new model with user likes and dislikes in mind.


One of the main features of a hearing aids might be invisibility, but not every person needs it. Wideband is a must have for those listening on TV or podcasts as it boosts very high and soft sounds that can normally do not come into focus on its own.


As the hearing aid industry continues to evolve, they continue to introduce new and better models. Hearing aids that fit discretely on your ear or on the back of your ear and nearly disappear. Now you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a discreet design.


When deciding on which features are most important for your hearing devices, you need to take the following into consideration:


  1. Feedback Reduction


Modern hearing aids go beyond amplifying the sound coming your way; they filter and convert it to digital. This means you can listen to every conversation and enjoy every moment with crystal clear clarity, thus eliminating all communication problems.


  1. Directional Microphones


Luckily, new hearing aids won’t distract you in the midst of a crowded room. New features turn down external sound if you do not hear it well and hear you clearly when in close proximity with your friend. The new directional microphone feature allows you to focus on a sound and isolate it from the others. As a result, you are able to hear everything is the first go.


  1. Multiple Channels


This is perhaps one of the best features of today’s hearing aids. Multiple channels allow you to experiment with different setting according to the acoustics of the environment you are in. You might hear the speech louder in some rooms and quieter in other rooms. The memory setting will allow you to adjust the microphone frequency, which will shift the channel automatically when you are certain environment.


  1. Telecoil


Telecoil features, which connects your hearing aids to a loop,  allows you to listen clearly in various big and loud places such as sporting arenas, places of worship, musical concerts and more. The list of location is pre-installed on the device and can be routed through Bluetooth.


  1. Binaural Processing


The binaural processing feature in hearing aids synchronize the two hearing aids for full listening experience. By using this feature, delays or miscommunication can be prevented because there are no longer any differences in input.


  1. Automatic Programming


Once your hearing aid connects to your mobile device, it stores settings in your hearing preference for different environments and the programming feature will adjust automatically.


Which features do you need and important to you?

It depends on how severe your hearing loss is. You should carefully choose a hearing aid with the features to best serve you and your life. For more information and consulation, please contact us now.




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