Is Your Hearing Aid Making You Look Fat?

Is Your Hearing Aid Making You Look Fat?


Outside and physical appearance is the main thing women stresses over whenever they go out with their friends, on a first date with a future boyfriend or whenever they just want to paint the town red. If this is a difficult question to any female adult, then imagine how much challenging it is for an adult woman who has recently found out she will be using hearing aids.

Sometimes, getting a disorder verified by a specific diagnosis from a specialist makes the impairment worst and more painful. Worse, because it has to do with something you fatefully depend on and worst, you have to undergo a grief and acceptance period that may take longer than your choice to wear hearing aids.


Why acceptance is hard

If you are used to being able to understand everything in one go, then having a hearing impairment may challenge you even further. People do not like change in general, especially when it affects them in a negative way. Hearing loss is vital to most people, especially to women, because this is where you can get your balance, productivity, money, social skills and creativity from.

Acceptance becomes a challenge when you start to self-pity because this will create a hole in yourself that will seem too deep to fill. Acceptance begins when you realize how this problem can benefit you or how you can turn something as negative as hearing loss to something positive as a smile. It is difficult at first, that is true, but when you begin your acceptance journey by doing one-step at a time, your success will be over the moon and maybe one day, you can share it and become an inspiration for others.


Why appearance is important

Maybe hearing aids can make you look fat or maybe it can’t but for all women or any adult, donning on something that reminds them of what they are trying to keep is a rejection of beauty, even though it doesn’t really affect them in that way. According to experts, adults who start wearing hearing aids will feel uncomfortable and ugly for the first few months until it wears off and the adjustment period begins.


Where new technology matters

Due to this psychological effect of hearing aids, many manufacturers are now designing their hearing aid products to become more discreet, colorful and tinier. Taking advantage of what the market offers may actually ease the hearing loss transition a lot easier because you are given all the possible features, looks and built.

It is always a great thing to learn that you are able to keep your hearing clear and normal but when you are diagnosed with hearing loss, please do not consider it as a death sentence. There are several treatments that will not need to remind you about your condition. It is most important to consider how much hearing normally through the use of devices will help make life easier for you that is why it will be a great step to consult your audiologist once you are experiencing signs of hearing loss.

If you think you need a hearing aid, make sure that you get a hearing aid prescription. Also note that the programs on these devices may be modified, but ask your ENT doctor first before making any changes. We are hearing specialist of hearing test and hearing aid prescription.




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