Parents and Hearing Aids: How Prepared Are You?

Parents and Hearing Aids: How Prepared Are You?


For most parents, a child being born is one of the best experiences in the whole world. It can alter their lifestyle, their beliefs and most importantly, theirselves. A baby is a blessing that is considered to be the source of joy and happiness of a couple and their young household.


However, sometimes, not all babies are made equal thus there are birth defects that cannot be avoided. Take hearing loss, for example. Although it is something that shouldn’t be considered as a burden, it is something that most parents fear because they are overwhelmed with the things they have to do first.


Early Detections and Intervention

There are two things parents do at once they find out that their children has hearing loss – they feel grief and frustrations. This is mainly due to their fear of acceptance and what the future holds for their children. Naturally, many hearing tests will be conducted, adding more frustrations and grievances to the already saddened household.

However, there is light to be seen in this situation – once the hearing loss is detected early, there is a bigger chance of treating their condition. Engaging and cooperating with the specialist will ensure the right path and preparation to the success of their hearing loss treatment.


Different Types of Treatment

Hearing Aids. This will be the initial test to check if the hearing loss will be treated through this aid. As it is the first foreign device your child will encounter, parents must be prepared for all things like irritation, being constantly taken out by the child or lower tolerance to the device.


Cochlear Implants. Once the hearing aid test is over and your audiologist is still not satisfied with your child’s progress, then your doctor will most probably recommend the surgical implant. Like hearing aids, parents must be prepared for the worst as your child will take months before she is fully accustomed to the strange, new sounds. Making her more comfortable to the device will aid the process and transition better.


For Your Child’s Future

Getting the surgery is not the final step because dealing with the healing of hearing loss takes most of your child’s life. She will encounter several situations that may hurt or overwhelm her but it doesn’t mean the support of the parents should stop.


Most experts believe that if there is a continuous support and aspiration to further improve the condition of your child, it will be a better success story for them. It is best to look for parents with similar situation as yours so there is also a continuous flow of information.


If you think you or your child needs a hearing aid, make sure that you or your child get a hearing aid prescription from professional hearing specialist before purchasing online or at a store. We are hearing specialist offering professional hearing test & assessment, hearing aid prescription, and its subsequent hearing services and consulting.




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