Helping Kids Get Used to Wearing Hearing Aids

Helping Kids Get Used to Wearing Hearing Aids


It is really unfortunate for a parent to realize that he has a child who is suffering from hearing loss. He needs to seek medical help for his child right away so that his hearing loss will not become worse.


You cannot expect a small child to understand his deficiencies and he will just show the adverse effects of his hearing impairment with violent reactions. Therefore, it is very important for you to get him used to wearing a hearing aid in his ears to lessen the degree of his frustrations.


What You Can Do to Help


Hearing loss in small kids is something that you cannot just ignore. In fact, you need to act on it right away. The moment you notice that his hearing is not normal, you need to bring him to an audiologist or an ENT specialist. They will diagnose the hearing problem of your child, and if need be, give him a hearing aids prescription to temporarily alleviate his hearing problem.


Wearing a Hearing Aid

While the specialists are trying to arrive at a long lasting solution to your kid’s hearing problems, you need to encourage him in wearing his hearing aid all the time.


But first, you need to buy the specific hearing device based on the hearing aids prescription that the audiologist provided. This device is specifically suited to the problem of your child which hopefully, will lessen your child’s irritability.


When attaching the device in his ears don’t force it but be gentle so that he will not feel any pain during the process. If the hearing aids prescription is correct, he will notice the difference. His ability to hear the sound of your voice as well as other sounds around him will suddenly improve.


He will be startled at first, but just coax him and encourage him with soothing words. Hopefully he will welcome the attachment of the device in his ears because of his improved ability to hear.


But if he is not comfortable with the device and tries to rend it off his ears, you can do some of the following things.


  • Use a medical tape to attach the hearing device to his ear. The tape will serve as a cover and will prevent it from being detached to his ear.
  • When he tries to rend the device off his ears, divert his attention by using his toys or by playing with him.
  • If your child is already able to understand concepts and ideas, tell him about the advantages of using his hearing aid all the time.
  • When he grows up, buy him a modern hearing device that is almost invisible so that he will not be embarrassed to wear it in school.



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