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How Should I Talk for Help with Hearing Problems

It may seem daunting initially when communicating with others when you have impaired hearing ability. You have to cross that bridge if you have to get to where you want to be, right? To get you to talk with others, here are a few advice you can read and think about and practice well.


Have the Resolve

Self-confidence in your disability is like a shining beacon that illuminates your murky path. Assert yourself and let them know you are hard of hearing and let them understand you might need help. You will wonder at the goodness of people once you do this.


It is also worth mentioning to not let them shout at you or whisper close to your ear. A respectable distance and talking in a clear, normal manner while the person is looking at you directly.


Noise Reduction

It is most advantageous on your part to eliminate a considerable degree of background noise. If you are at home, turn off the television or radio. If you are in a store, locate a less noisy spot wher you can have the conversation.


See the Visuals

You and the person you are talking with must face each other while in conversation. As you listen, try also to understand what words the lips form during utterance. Lip reading is a natural help for you aside from the device in your ear.


In addition, notice also the body language of the person while talking; the nod, shake, elbow raise. To achieve the best, you must have full, unhindered frontal view of the person in a well-lighted section of the place you are in.


Context is acceptable

You do not have to be verbatim in communication with other people. Use context or have a general understand of the gist of the person’s sentences. The essence or the core of the person’s talk is what really matters for you.


Please clarify

If you missed a word or a set phrase, refrain from telling the person you did not hear it. This will let frustration slowly creep into the person speaking and to you as well. Instead, entreat for a clarification like “What colors are available?”


Cool and Collected

Be calm for you to concentrate on your conversation. Accept the fact that you will miss the gist sometimes which is normal consequence of the disability.



If you think you need hearing aids, make sure to get a hearing aid prescription. For more details of our hearing test & assessment, and hearing aid services, please contact HK Hearing & Speech Centre.




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