Top Three Hearing Aids in 2015

Top Three Hearing Aids in 2015


When picking up the best hearing aids available in the market, a patient must always remember to compare the brands based on the following features:


  • Fit – this affects how the hearing aid works and how the wearer will feel while wearing the device.
  • Noise reduction – as a hearing aid is naturally used for amplifying the sound around the wearer, it is important to have the ability to lessen environment or background noise when using it.
  • Feedback reduction – when a hearing aid is experiencing an electronic interference, it can produce an awful, high-pitched sound, thus this feature is one of the best things patient should be looking for in these devices.
  • Speech enhancement and programmability – this feature helps in the recognition of voice over noise and allows wearers to adjust the frequency and volumes they desired in a specific situation or environment.
  • Telephone compatibility – just like how a feedback reduction feature works, this specification is often considered as one of the top things to look for in a hearing aid because it allows normal use of a phone even when the user has his hearing aid on.

Customers mainly rely on the brands because they offer what they believe best suits them. According to audiologists, the different types of hearing aids play an vital role in how people should choose their hearing aids.


  • Digital programmable – uses digitized sound processing to change sound waves to digital sounds, making it easier to distinguish noise from talk.
  • Conventional analog – the first type of hearing available, it is used to help sound waves louder. It has became less popular when the digital hearing aids have been introduced.
  • Programmable analog – this hearing aid contains a microchip that lets listeners create their own program that is different from the current environment they are in.


Either way, the success of these brands in the hearing aid market has been dependent on how patients analyze and put into good use the advices they receive from their audiologist. It is better to always follow-up with your specialist to ensure that your hearing aid is working properly and still manages to treat your condition.


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