Useful Guide Before Buying Hearing Aids Online

Useful Guide Before Buying Hearing Aids Online



As the Internet offers several advantages for online buyers such as convenience, low cost, and privacy, individuals who plan to buy their hearing aids online should be aware of the following:


  • Sellers may attempt to sell hearing aid as personal sound amplication products
  • Some hearing aids may have technology that allow audiologists to set for personal hearing needs
  • Some hearing aids bought online may not be suitable for you
  • Some hearing aids may require software that experts have no access to when bought online
  • No office visits and other audiologist services are available for hearing aids bought online

Once hearing loss is suspected, make sure to seek help from a physician first because a medical exam can help identify if your condition is treatable. If it’s not easily treated, you will be referred to a specialist (audiologist) to see if hearing aids can be used. Online hearing checks will not be able to help you point out the cause of your hearing loss as they are only currently able to alert you if hearing is normal or if you’ll need to get additional testing.


Successful Hearing Test

These are usually done in controlled rooms with special earphones or equipment. No online hearing screens can meet these standards which can result to inaccurate results.


  • Audiogram can be used to record the type and degree of your hearing disorder.
  • Speech test can measure how well speech is heard and understood in a quiet and noisy background.
  • Loudness discomfort test can help check how loud sounds are tolerated and through the help of an audiologist, he can set the hearing aids settings to a much comfortable sound.

Audiologist may be able to assist you in choosing the right hearing assistive technology best suited for your hearing loss to aid you in situations where hearing loss may not be as helpful.


Getting the most of our hearing aids

Recommendation of using a hearing aid is not the only job an audiologist do because he will continue to work along with you to ensure that your hearing air is able to help you and your needs improve sound quality and communication.


  • When you purchase online, you may not be able to adjust the setting suited for your needs, unlike how an audiologist do it.
  • Audiologists will precisely learn and filter sound sent to your ear canals through the use of Real Ear equipment.
  • Someone will be able to guide you if you are wearing it correctly if you purchase in an expert’s office.
  • Audiologists can offer seminars and training to assist you and your loved ones to fully adjust to living with hearing loss.
  • Counseling and support may not be available online.


If you think you need a hearing aid, make sure that you get a hearing aid prescription. We are a professional hearing specialist offering hearing test, hearing aid prescription, and its subsequent professional services.





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