Hearing Aids Are Easy To Get (Here’s How!)

Hearing aids are obviously necessary for people who are hard of hearing. But while these are affordable and easy to buy, you should ideally secure a hearing aids prescription for this purpose. Here are a few important things that you should consider in this regard.


Examinations Are Recommended


According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), undergoing a medical examination before purchasing hearing aids will be in the best health interests of concerned individuals. The medical examination should be performed by a licensed physician, preferably an ear specialist, to ensure the right fit.


But the FDA also says that it doesn’t plan on enforcing the medical examination requirement for consumers 18 years of age and older in the purchase of certain types of hearing aids. For minor consumers (i.e., 17 years of age and below), it will continue to enforce the requirement that requires physicians to rule out medical causes of hearing loss before issuing a prescription.


Regardless of your age, however, we strongly recommend getting a medical evaluation first before purchasing hearing aids. Keep in mind that the incorrect hearing aids can worsen your hearing issues and it can become irreversible.


There are two examinations that you will likely undergo: 


  • A medical examination should be performed by an otolaryngologist to determine the possible causes of your hearing issues. These underlying causes can be an injury, an infection, or a deformity, perhaps tumors.
  • An audiogram involves the evaluation of your hearing capacity by a hearing health professional known as an audiologist. Your type and level of hearing loss will be determined during the exam, as well as the possible medical and/or surgical treatment. You may also be referred to a physician or a therapist for rehabilitation purposes.


You can be provided with a hearing aids prescription by one of these professionals.


Make a Smart Choice


Even with the prescription, you should carefully consider your choices – and there’s a wide range of hearing aids available, too, with features that can confuse an ordinary consumer. Your foremost consideration should be comfort, convenience and ease of use as well as the best compensation possible for your hearing loss. You will be wearing them for most part of the day so these are crucial aspects in your choice.


You should also consider the parts and services covered by the warranty, the options in basic features and upgrades, and the estimated cost of maintenance and repair. You have to consider, too, the manufacturer’s customer service and overall reputation.


Once you have worn then, you have to wear them regularly. You have to be patient since it will require time before you can become accustomed to hearing aids and their specific features.


If you think if you or your child needs a hearing aid, make sure that you get a hearing aid prescription. We are ENT specialist providing hearing test and assessment and hearing aid prescription.




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