Handling Hearing Aids With Care

Getting your hearing aids prescription is just the start of your journey! You have to handle them with proper care, too, not only because these can be expensive but, more importantly, because these are crucial for your enjoyment of a better quality of life.


General Tips


Always use the proper tools for the job! A wax pick and brush are a must for removing earwax buildup at the ends of the hearing aids; letting it be can result in a whistling effect that, when left unresolved, can damage the receiver.


Avoid exposing your hearing aids in water and other fluids. Wash your face, take a shower or a bath, and swim without your hearing aids since soap and water can damage them. Get them out, too, when you’re applying hair products like gels and sprays since these can also cause damage.


Clean your hearing aids every day, preferably before going to bed. This way, they have several hours to air out, so to speak. But don’t used alcohol and other chemicals when cleaning them.


Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures, too. Too hot days in winter and too cold temperatures in summer can warp them so leave them inside the house where they can be protected from the elements.


Place them in a dedicated container, too. You don’t want them being squashed or warped by the weight of other objects.  Keep them out of reach of children, if you’re an adult user, too.


Care for ITE Hearing Aids


In the ear hearing aids require special care and these steps should help.


  • Be sure to clean the openings, such as the microphone ports, with a soft brush; use either the brush provided in the hearing aids kit or a clean soft-bristle brush to remove the wax buildup.
  • Hold a hearing aid with its opening (i.e., the one being cleaned) so it faces downward; it will help in dislodging loose particles inside.
  • Clear stubborn particles using either wax pick or hook.
  • Wipe the device with either a tissue or a clean, dry cloth; a microfiber cloth will suffice.


Care for BTE Hearing Aids


Behind the ear hearing aids have earmolds that require cleaning, too, so these steps are more appropriate.


  • Clean the device just as you would with the ITE hearing aids except for the earmolds.
  • Remove the earmold from the hook prior to cleaning it. Wipe them using a clean, soft and dry cloth daily as well as soak them in warm, soapy water once a week; this will prevent stains and discolorations. Allow them to dry completely after soaking, preferably overnight, before using them again; don’t use other chemicals including alcohol on them.


If you notice a strong odor coming from your hearing aids, you should check with your ear doctor since it can be a sign of an ear infection.


If you think you need a hearing aid, make sure that you get a hearing aid prescription. Also note that the programs on these devices may be modified, but ask your ENT doctor first before making any changes. We are specialist of hearing test and assessment and provide hearing aid prescription.




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