New Accessories for Hearing Aids

New Accessories for Hearing Aids


In the old days, accessories for hearing aids usually meant headbands, ear tips, and neck loops. Perhaps the most advanced hearing aid accessories were the microphones. Nowadays, the microphones have become even more advanced than ever before, and now there are numerous wireless technology accessories which can really help you cope better with your hearing loss.


These new accessories for hearing aids include:


  • Directional microphones. Noisy background noises have always been the bane of conventional hearing aids. They just intrude too much on conversations, because the mike tends to pick up sounds from every direction.

With directional microphones, you can then focus solely on the sounds coming right in front of you. These mikes reduce the pickup of sounds coming from behind you. This means you can converse better with people simply by making sure that you face them directly. Background noises will then disrupt your conversations less.


  • Discreet controllers. People who wear hearing aids don’t usually like to make it obvious that they’re wearing one. Now you don’t have to adjust your hearing aid on the unit itself. You can use a remote control device instead.

Some of these remote control devices are very discreet and look just like a cellphone which you can place in your pocket. Others look like a pen so people don’t realize you are making adjustments to your hearing aid. There are even some devices which enable you to use your actual smartphone into your remote controller through the use of an app.


  • Bluetooth connectors. This type of accessory is perhaps one of the most revolutionary advancement in hearing aid development. With this accessory, you can then connect to your TV, smartphone, mobile device, mp3 player, or computer using Bluetooth.

Essentially, you bypass all the extraneous noise you hear, and your hearing aid mikes simply transmit the signals sent out by this accessory. Since it connects to the other devices through Bluetooth, there are no cumbersome wires to worry about. You can just focus on a single device, which means you can use your smartphone or TV much more effectively. The sounds you hear will be so much clearer.


  • Rechargeable batteries and chargers. Usually, your batteries for your hearing aid are only good for a weak or so, even if you do remember to switch off your hearing aid when you sleep. But rechargeable batteries can now relieve you of this weekly expense. Instead of just turning it off, you just recharge the batteries when you sleep so that you won’t have to change batteries for years instead of weeks.

Remember, these hearing aids accessories should be discussed first with your audiologist. If you get permission, get these accessories right away. It can make your life much easier.



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