Why Getting A Hearing Aids Prescription Before Buying One?

One of the biggest questions people with hearing loss ask is if it’s possible to buy a hearing aid without a hearing aids prescription. Unfortunately, though getting a hearing aid may not be as cut and dry as it may seem, you still always need to consult a physician before shopping for one.


You need a prescription before you can buy a hearing aid. Hearing aids are small electronic devices that improve your hearing.


It’s often recommended to take a hearing test first in order to obtain a prescription for a hearing aid. Hearing tests are evaluated with various equipment and software used to measure your hearing acuity.


What tests can be done before buying a hearing aid?


There may be multiple hearing tests or some of them:


  • Middle ear testing
  • Speech testing
  • Pure-tone testing
  • Auditory brainstem response testing (ABR)


The first step before getting a hearing aid is getting your hearing assessed by an audiologist. Tests are often done in order to rule out other underlying conditions, including inner ear infections or wax buildup in the ear canal. They may also perform more in-depth testing in order to assess the severity of the condition.


There are many tests an audiologist can administer to make sure you’re not experiencing any processing issues before you purchase a hearing aid, including testing your hearing for accuracy. They can also feed you some suggestions on what to do if you do need treatment.


There are two classes of hearing aid. One for severe or profound hearing loss, and one for when you have simple wax build-up. Before purchasing a hearing aid without consulting the audiologist, note the severity of your hearing issues.


After a consultation at the audiologist’s office and the prescription you need, it’s time to find a hearing aid that will fit your lifestyle. The type of hearing aid you need depends on what’s more comfortable and the severity of your hearing loss.


With a bit of research, there are a few different options to chose from. Unlike many other hearing aids, you’ll have a follow-up appointment with your audiologist so they can make sure it works properly and set features such as volume control.


While hearing aids can be a great help for many people who have difficulty hearing, they are a medical device. Even though they do not require a prescription, individuals should still consult a doctor to get the correct diagnosis and decide whether or not a hearing aid is right for them.


You cannot buy a hearing aid without consulting an audiologist, so if you think you’re experiencing hearing loss, don’t hesitate to contact us for a proper diagnosis.




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