How to Get Used to Hearing Aid Prescription for Older People

How to Get Used to Hearing Aid Prescription for Older People


If you get hearing aid prescription for older people, a period of adjustment is required, and the initial feeling of discomfort is one of the reasons why some people refuse to wear these devices. But the adjustment period will be a lot easier if you follow these tips and guidelines.


What to Expect

When you first put on hearing aids, you’ll hear sounds that you’ve never heard before or used to but no longer do. These include traffic noise, laughter, children’s voices, footsteps, dripping water, the clock ticking and so on. You might also hear some new sounds in or around your ears and even hear your swallowing.


Because you’re hearing a lot of “new” sounds, you must learn to adjust your voice and learn to speak at the appropriate level again. Even if those sounds are nothing really new, the fact that you haven’t heard them for years, and to suddenly hear them again, can be a bit disorienting at first. When you were younger it was easy to “turn off” or ignore background sounds, and this is something you need to relearn.


How to Adjust

The best way to deal with this is to wear the hearing aid for 60 minutes at a time, several times a day and at different times, places and situations. Read newspapers and magazines out loud, talk with household members, listen to music and watch TV. In other words, go through your regular routines until you get used to the noise.

To get used to outside noise, go out of your house and spend some time in banks, libraries or other places so you can get acclimatized to the sounds around you. Don’t rush yourself because eventually the sounds will “balance out” and you’ll get used to it. Among elderly folk, it usually just takes a couple of weeks before they’re able to “tune out” background noise. However, don’t be discouraged if yours takes a bit longer.

If you consult a hearing specialist for the elderly, they’ll tell you that it takes anywhere from two to four weeks before you get completely used to the sounds. If the hearing aid has been molded to fit in your ear canal, there should be no issues as far as comfort level is concerned. Generally speaking, an RIE (receiver in ear) aid requires less adjustment since it is an open fit.


If you received hearing aidprescription for older peoplethe biggest concern will be the level of your voice, as it may seem louder than normal. The best way to deal with it is to speak with friends and family, as they’re the ones who can tell you if your voice is too low, too loud or just right.



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