Modern Hearing Aid Technologies

Modern Hearing Aid Technologies


Who would want to wear those big and clunky hearing aids on their ear?


Their bulkiness and unsightly appearance are the reasons why so many people with hearing impairment shy away from using them. Old fashioned hearing devices will make you look like a creature from the past, who now walks the earth to scare people. Fortunately, that is no longer an issue with modern hearing aids.


Modern Hearing Aids

Thanks to thoughtful and creative designers, we now have hearing devices that are modern and stylish that can be used as if they are precious trinkets. Today, if you have a hearing impairment, you can go to an audiologist or ENT specialist for a hearing aids prescription, and buy the sleekest and swankiest hearing aid that you can afford.


Throw away those grandma hearing aids. Welcome to the digital world where the smallest, smartest and the easiest to use hearing devices are available.


Modern technology has made hearings aids prescription easier and more artistic. Today’s designers utilized digital technology to produce hearing devices that are not just easy to wear and use, but look sophisticated and stylish as well.


The Latest Hearing Devices

Take the Wind Block technology as an example. The design of this type of hearing aid protects the microphone from the noise of the wind. This technology is utilized by the new Phonak models one of which is the Bolero Q, worn behind the ear. It improves hearing even when background noise is present.


Another example is the VoiceStream technology. This particular system enables the hearing aid to detect speech and deliver the sound with exceptional clarity to the ears.


A number of modern hearing aids can also be worn while you are taking a bath. You can even submerge them in one meter of water for 30 minutes without incurring any damage to their electronics. They are not really waterproof, but carry a rating of IP 6/7.


We also have modern hearing aids that you can wear while swimming because they are waterproof. Swimmers who will go to an audiologist for a hearing aids prescription will surely be advised to get these models.


These hearing devices are completely sealed. They are also equipped with custom ear molds designed for swimming. Swimmers with hearing impairments can now use them and have more freedom with their active lifestyle. These hearing devices have an IP rating of 6/8. That means they can be submerged in water more than 1 meter deep.


There are also completely invisible hearing aids sold in the market today. One type is IIC or Invisible in the Canal. They are suited for first time wearers. Another type is the RIC or Receiver in the Canal. They are designed for all types of hearing aid users.


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