Questions to Ask Your Audiologist Before Buying Hearing Aids

The problem with hearing aids is of course whether it is the hearing aid for us and whether or not we need one in the first place. Obviously for this kind of decision, we need an audiologist’s advice.


The health care professional with expertise on hearing loss and, therefore, of hearing aids is called an audiologist.


How can audiologists help those with hearing problems?


There are two problems associated with hearing loss. First, unless a baby is tested for hearing problems at birth, people do not usually detect hearing problems until hearing is already 50 percent damaged; and, second, whether or not we believe there is hope for ever being to hear well again.


First, they can determine the type of problem, the degree of the problem, the probable cause of the problem, the possible relief, and how such relief can be achieved. So perhaps these are the first questions to ask and whether or not a hearing aid is a healthy option.


Second, since they must have knowledge of all products available in the market that can help those with hearing problems, they can professionally present options for treatment and choices of products to go with the solution chosen. Once the decision is to go for a hearing aid, the next question is what hearing devices are available, in the local market or even online. So questions like “should I go visible or invisible?” or “should I go for comfort of for hearing efficiency?” The other obvious question to ask is what to look for in a hearing aid.


There are simply a wide variety of hearing devices to choose from and without a health professional to help make a choice, the hearing problem may get worse . There are also fitting problems to deal with as well as adjustment problems. Making properly-fitted, affordable hearing aids and cochlear implants and providing accessible follow-up services in all parts of the world will benefit many people with hearing loss .


Third, since every treatment ends up with economic considerations, and most insurance already recognize hearing problems as a disability, then questions about insurance coverage and treatment plans must be asked and answered and whether or not counselling is part of the sales service.


If one is clear about all these considerations, then and only then can one can invest on a hearing device.


If you think you need a hearing aid, make sure to get a hearing aid prescription. For more details of our hearing test & assessment, and hearing aid services, please contact HK Hearing & Speech Centre.




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