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How Long Will a Hearing Aid Last?

When the decision is set to get yourself a hearing aid, think of it as a necessary investment just like a car; it gives comfort to your daily life. Proper maintenance and the correct usage of that investment is directly proportional to its life.


With a hearing aid, its lifespan will stretch longer than the average when proper maintenance is observed. And the average lifespan of a hearing aid is between three to seven years which is generally accepted by specialist and manufacturers.


To achieve a longer life for your device, perform the hearing aid maintenance below:


  1. Circumvent crash, drops, bumps. Hearing aids are compact in manufacture and in its purpose, but it is minute electronics inside. No electronics are indestructible. If you handled your cell phone safely for a couple of years or more, do the same with your ear device.


  1. Summer cautions to note. The season of sweat is a concern for hearing aids also, and it is advisable to check the battery compartment for moisture and wipe the terminals dry in any case.


Do not leave your aid in direct sunlight or in high temperature enclosures. Such habit will warp the plastic casing and affects severely the fitting into your ear canal.


  1. Take precautions at beaches. Don’t scamper with glee to the sea; not just yet. Be vigilant of a couple of things first. Beach sand is soft, but it will obstruct your microphone ports which will be difficult to remove.


Seawater is a rust accelerator and does not make any exception of your ear device. Remove your device and keep it safe in its casing if your prime aim is to lengthen its age.


  1. Chemicals to watch every day. Suntan lotion, alcohol, cosmetics are a few of the many chemical to watch out for. Always remove your device when handling chemicals and dry your hands well before fitting them back.


  1. Cold weather is not good. The battery of hearing aids is sensitive to cold weather as well. Coming from a cold exterior and entering into a warm interior may result in condensation that leads to rust. Clean the compartment and terminals dry before sleeping.


  1. Be vigilant of water in any form. Some brands of hearing aids are water-resistant, but water may still stay inside. Daily cleaning is a simple indispensable solution.



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