untreated hearing loss

Brain Atrophy Caused by Untreated Hearing Loss

A Scientific Study

After laying down the groundwork, the best approach to conduct, the test subject qualifications, and the budget for the whole undertaking, a scientific study was conducted in 1994. It had the needed support from, at least five, big health organizations and one foundation.


The study had a time frame of ten consecutive years, a whole decade. It progressed smoothly through the years without any significant glitch. In its conclusion, the study confirmed that untreated hearing loss directly affects the brain in that progressive cerebral tissue loss occurred.


The study distinctly measured the quantity of loss yearly in the amount of an additional one cubic centimeter. This is staggering as it is frightening for all people with hearing impairment. The physical loss of brain tissues also leads to other serious health issues with the brain at the core.


The location of the loss of tissue are all at the temporal gyri, at superior, middle and inferior parts. These locations in the brain is where the functions for sound and speech processing is done. Two of those three parts in the temporal gyri are involved in Alzheimer’s and cognitive impairment.


Inactivity in these parts of the brain leads to elimination of the useless parts. Disabled as it is, disregard for treatment of hearing loss is like a bowling ball that strikes not just one, but many: memory loss, dementia, unrecognizable sound and others that affect your person.


Simple Solution

Hearing loss is not an instant decline for most people; it is gradual in its nature. There are exceptions, of course, like an active duty soldier in proximity to a massive explosion. Whatever the situation or cause, treatment must be sought out in the soonest time.


Even an old, analog type hearing aid will help you not lose those irreplaceable cerebral tissues. Once the loss of tissues start, your brain will not anymore understand the sound it receives. So, at the moment when you do not hear the wind when it is howling in fact, you know now what to do.


Regret will always be and ever does stay at the rear end.


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