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Don’t Overlook Vertigo and Hearing Loss before hearing aid prescription

If you are suffering from an ear infection or any other problems with your ear, chances are, you are also having issues with your balance. You may even be experiencing dizziness and a feeling of “spinning.” This is because the ear is not just responsible for our hearing, but also for our balance.


As a matter of fact, vertigo and hearing loss are often associated with each other. The two usually occur alongside each other as symptoms of ear infections and diseases such as Meniere’s disease, otosclerosis, and autoimmune inner ear disease. Continue reading

Is Your Hearing Aid Making You Look Fat?

Is Your Hearing Aid Making You Look Fat?


Outside and physical appearance is the main thing women stresses over whenever they go out with their friends, on a first date with a future boyfriend or whenever they just want to paint the town red. If this is a difficult question to any female adult, then imagine how much challenging it is for an adult woman who has recently found out she will be using hearing aids.

Sometimes, getting a disorder verified by a specific diagnosis from a specialist makes the impairment worst and more painful. Worse, because it has to do with something you fatefully depend on and worst, you have to undergo a grief and acceptance period that may take longer than your choice to wear hearing aids. Continue reading

Hearing Loss Defined: Why do We Lose our Hearing?

Hearing Loss Defined: Why do We Lose our Hearing?


Hearing loss is something most people try not to get but as it can be caused by several reasons, causes and ailments, it can be unavoidable. As most people think this will mean the end of their world, hearing loss can be treated by using a hearing aid or surgery, which makes it better and easier for people to cope up.

There are three types of hearing impairments that people may actually experience and these are the following:



It is when the hearing loss is due to physical problems like ear canal, drum, middle portion and even the tiny bones in the ears called the malleus, incus and the stapes. Continue reading

Hearing and Teens: Can Loud Music Damage my Ears?

Hearing and Teens: Can Loud Music Damage my Ears?


Being a teenager may mean trying to sneak in bars for great gigs and music, hooking on their headphones all-day while cranking up the volume, and sometimes, watching the television in full volume for good impact. Of course, as parents, it would be hard not to tell them how damaging this ritual is to their eardrums. However, how sure are we that turning up the music can really damage our children’s hearing?

Apparently, according to experts, loud music may cause temporary and permanent hearing impairment, something that will surely devastate our kids who love using their phones for chatting and music. Continue reading

Hearing Aids Decoded: How Does it Work?

Hearing Aids Decoded: How Does it Work?


So you have finally gotten the guts to get a hearing aid and apparently, it is not as bad as you thought it was going to be. Good for you because with this step, you are trying to alter your life and make sense of what is going on around you, literally.

Hearing loss is something most people try to hide and as much as possible, they want to use a hearing aid that is inconspicuous to avoid getting stared or worst, being pitied upon. However, the use of hearing aid is actually one of the best solution to your hearing difficulty.

Before getting yourself one, an audiologist would have given you a hearing aid prescription and naturally, you have gone through the process of choosing which type would be suitable for you and your lifestyle. Continue reading

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