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Misconceptions about Hearing Loss Sufferers – Can Deaf People Drive?

Can deaf people drive? It is a common thought that they can’t. How could they do so if they don’t hear other vehicles’ horns and other necessary sounds? But while numerous people think that driving is definitely not for the deaf, there are also some claims that they are actually better drivers.


On this page, we will discuss about the common thoughts about hearing loss sufferers . Which are facts and which are just mere misconceptions? Continue reading

Understanding Congenital Hearing Loss in children

Does your infant suffer from hearing loss? While some think that such condition only occurs among aging people, the truth is the exact opposite; for even a newborn baby can have it too. The condition is congenital, and understanding congenital hearing loss is very crucial for every parent.


In this article, we will discuss about congenital hearing loss and some false thoughts about hearing loss in children. Continue reading

The Different Levels of Hearing Loss and More Facts for You

Are you suffering from hearing loss? How serious is your case? Only a few people know about the different levels of hearing loss; and hopefully, you are among them.


Numerous people, whether aware or not, suffer from hearing loss. The condition affects various aspects of their lives; therefore, the sufferer should be able to address it properly.


The right treatment depends on the hearing loss level. Failing to receive it may lead to numerous adverse happenings. Continue reading

Three Alarming Teen Hearing Loss Facts

The usual line of thinking is that older people are the ones susceptible to hearing loss. That may have been the case 20 to 30 years ago; but things have definitely changed since then. Today, hearing loss in teenagers are quite common. It’s certainly not because of age but more on the lifestyle of young boys and girls. Noise-induced hearing loss is affecting millions of teenagers around the world, and the facts are very alarming.


Here are three facts that you should know about hearing loss in teenagers. Continue reading

Helping Kids Get Used to Wearing Hearing Aids

Helping Kids Get Used to Wearing Hearing Aids


It is really unfortunate for a parent to realize that he has a child who is suffering from hearing loss. He needs to seek medical help for his child right away so that his hearing loss will not become worse.


You cannot expect a small child to understand his deficiencies and he will just show the adverse effects of his hearing impairment with violent reactions. Therefore, it is very important for you to get him used to wearing a hearing aid in his ears to lessen the degree of his frustrations. Continue reading