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Is a Hearing Aid to be useful for the person who is hard of hearing or deaf? What are the differences between them?

Do you have a loved one who is hard of hearing or deaf? Are these conditions one and the same?


If not, what are the differences between hard of hearing and deaf?


Is a hearing aid to be helpful for the person who is hard of hearing or deaf?


In these days when lots of studies have been done, people have become more and more knowledgeable. Numerous terms have emerged; therefore, you should be very careful when using one. Failing to do so may lead to possible harm-causing mistakes. Continue reading

Questions to Ask Your Child’s Hearing Aid Specialist

It’s kind of hard for a mother to realize that her young child can’t seem to understand her. She might get frustrated at times since he is not really listening to her.  If this has been going on for a while, don’t be hard on your kid. Why not look into his ability to hear, and not just blame it on his hardheadedness? In this case, you might need the help of a medical practitioner, specifically a hearing aid specialist.


You Need to be Prepared

Since you don’t know anything about this medical condition, you need to be prepared before going into the office of the specialist. You will be spending money for his advice so you need to maximize its value.


Here are some important questions you need to ask the hearing aid specialist.


  1. Is there a problem with my child’s hearing and to what extent?

The first question you need to ask the specialist is if your child really has a hearing problem and if he has, to what extent it has already developed.


The earlier you know about the problem, the better your kid’s chances of treatment or healing.


  1. What kind of treatment is necessary?

If the problem is diagnosed early, the treatment will not require complicated ear operations. The typical non-surgical treatment usually recommended by hearing aid specialist is the use of a hearing aid.


  1. What type of hearing aid is best for my child?

There are different types and brands of hearing aid in the market. Ask the specialist what is the best for your kid based on his particular hearing problem and your capacity to pay.


  1. How do I know if the hearing aid is working properly?

It is not enough that your kid is wearing the hearing aid. The device must help him hear the sounds around him. There is special stethoscope that you can buy which will help you do a sound check on the hearing device to see if it is actually working. Some devices provide this stethoscope together with the hearing aid.


  1. Do you need to check the hearing device regularly?

The hearing aid specialist has to regularly check the device to see if it is helping the child and to make adjustments on it. Since your kid wears them all the time, it has a high risk of breaking down and getting damaged any time. Your child can also tell you if there is any problem with the device that needs checking.


Typical, the device needs to be inspected by the audiologist one to two months in its first year of use. And then every 3 months in the second to third year, and every 6 months from 3 to 5 years. After that, the audiologist can check the device once every year.


If you think your child need a hearing aid, make sure to get a hearing aid prescription. Also note that the programs on these devices may be modified, but ask your audiologist first before making any changes. We are a hearing aid specialist offering hearing test & assessment and provide hearing aid prescription.



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The Battle Between PSAPs and Hearing Aids

The Battle Between PSAPs and Hearing Aids


What is PSAP?

PSAP looks like a Bluetooth receiver and is a personal sound amplification product. Most of these devices are advertised to cater for people suffering from hearing loss. These products would often say on their packaging that it can turn any hearing to an extraordinary experience, which, for someone who is tired of not grasping anything, will probably be a bargain.

Hearing clearly and not missing any word or misunderstanding any sentences for people who lack them is a luxury no one can put a price on. That is why, most experts believe PSAPs are misleading and distracting the true purpose of assistive hearing devices. As these are cheaper than actual hearing aids, of course, people with hearing disabilities will be more than likely get attracted to purchasing them. Continue reading

Parents and Hearing Aids: How Prepared Are You?

Parents and Hearing Aids: How Prepared Are You?


For most parents, a child being born is one of the best experiences in the whole world. It can alter their lifestyle, their beliefs and most importantly, theirselves. A baby is a blessing that is considered to be the source of joy and happiness of a couple and their young household.


However, sometimes, not all babies are made equal thus there are birth defects that cannot be avoided. Take hearing loss, for example. Although it is something that shouldn’t be considered as a burden, it is something that most parents fear because they are overwhelmed with the things they have to do first. Continue reading

Is Your Hearing Aid Making You Look Fat?

Is Your Hearing Aid Making You Look Fat?


Outside and physical appearance is the main thing women stresses over whenever they go out with their friends, on a first date with a future boyfriend or whenever they just want to paint the town red. If this is a difficult question to any female adult, then imagine how much challenging it is for an adult woman who has recently found out she will be using hearing aids.

Sometimes, getting a disorder verified by a specific diagnosis from a specialist makes the impairment worst and more painful. Worse, because it has to do with something you fatefully depend on and worst, you have to undergo a grief and acceptance period that may take longer than your choice to wear hearing aids. Continue reading

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